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And so to Mazza Ryan

December 22nd, 2008 by admin

and bringing us up to the 21st.. our Winter Solstice and the start of a new year in the Celtic calendar and we did our usual lunch break of Crumpets and cheese no less at Mazza Ryan, or as most know it Marazion.. there were the usual flocks of dog walkers about to Pee me off but I kept calm and went on the shoot for Wildlife and Kiters..

There’s no shortage of these fellows about at mazza, they even visit Tesco’s roundabout for a wormy feast at times.. This species I’m sure has a permanently out of focus head, at least I never seem to get one sharp lol :)

Oyster catchers at Marazion.

There’s Quite often a few different species always hanging around the OC’s and today was no different… there were..  Ringed Plovers



Over towards the river bridge and there’s an abundance of stonechats and wagtails along with some pipits

Across to the Marsh to find something I’d never seen before which is always a nice feeling.. shane the light was almost gone and I had to whack it up to 3200 ISO but here it is in all its tiny glory…

Goldcrest on the Marsh today… Have a great Solstice everyone…

Maelwys /|\

We all fall down – Gwithian & Hayle

December 21st, 2008 by admin

Well I do anyhow when I look directly above through the camera lens.. it was fine on the tripod but then he went over my head and I had to take it off the tripod and hand hold it and try to aim straight up.. thank F&*k  for Fast shutter speeds and 5fps.. in that second it took for me to fall backwards on my arse.. I’d shot off 5 images.. albeit the last one was of my feet as they passed my head somewhere.  Thankfully I’d moved back from the cliff edge… what was I shooting?? this ruddy Kestrel…

Got this one as I fell …

But here’s another from a better angle… shot in high winds at Porthmeor Hand held..500mm

and finally

that was the Kestrels, which seem quite abundant lately…

No Wind today we’ll go to the Rivermouth

December 21st, 2008 by admin

Well there was supposed to be!! and we were called up to the Hayle rivermouth to shoot the windsurfers which didn’t happen so we wandered down the river beds at low tide to see what was hanging…

This Black tailed Godwit was the first character we spotted.. apart from the Herring gulls which are just about everywhere ya look.

A Bit difficult to tell at that range but I think it was a black tailed…
The next chap along was a redshank, thats very like a green shank but the bits that are green on a greenshank are red on a redshank..   

There lurking in the bottom of the shot was one of a million lapwings that had arrived on the marsh.. well probably not quite a million, maybe a thousand..ish

Here’s a few of them…

Then they took to the air… was like watching wilderbeast on the serengeti only they were lapwings over the hayle estuary, but ya get the idea..I hope..

There were also some Greylags there in the edge of the river…

And then  these Mute Swans appeared out of nowhere and landed .. maybe it was them that startled the wildebeast.. err lapwings..

Gotta love the way they run on the water..
Over the road to the Hide and found a couple of Robins.. some kind of Grebe I think and a Kingfisher…


The Great Northerner

December 21st, 2008 by admin

No not me… as much as it may well be fitting but I mean the feathery type.. the Great Northern Diver… two of which arrived while we were busily shooting the surfers at Praa sands.. they were a fair way out but yet unperturbed by the surfers and were obviously Jacobbed..(Cream Crackered) from their journey.. I managed a couple of long distance shots.. enough to identify the chaps..

and looking up..the pleasant sight of a White Egret flying overhead.

Thats all for now…


Winter Fast approaches

December 21st, 2008 by admin

and it shows with the return of our Rusky visitors in the shape of Brent Geese… These were one of the first things we saw on arrival at our lunching spot at Marazion early in December..

Seen here with a Lone Duck… this is something we’ve noticed quite a lot recently of how there seems to be a group of a particular species and just One of another (Completely unrelated) species joining their ranks.


I learned another piece of totally useless and irrelevent junk about these fellows from an email from UK Safari saying that perhaps there was another reason for them hanging out their wings to dry and perhaps they may actually be re-heating after eating cold fish!! well read about that for yourself on Uk Safari if ya wish.. personally I like to think they’re just sunbathing.

You’ll always find one of these hanging around somewhere but I do quite like the old  Schwarzkopf – Blackhead Gull here he is in winter plumage :)

Welcome to the BB of ImageCreated

December 21st, 2008 by admin

Welcome to the ImageCreated bird blog.. I figured it might be nice to do this blog as against the normal bloggy one just to purely keep a record of what we come across daily as we wander around shooting shutters left right and centre.

I’ll do a quick race along to catch up over the last few days of November & December then we’ll start a bit more in earnest come the new Year… so as a Prelude to 2009.. enjoy what we found!!
A wander up Trungle parc was this young lady Blackbird looking around for food.. I shared my Custard cream with her…

Plus a couple of House sparrows playing in a neighbours tree..

Now ya don’t get that on many other Bird sites do ya :)

well we do find the exotic like this Goosander that was one of three we found at marazion hanging with the guls, apparently mistaken by local twitchers for a red throated meganza.. here.s the proof Guys I’m afraid it was a female Goosander..

We’ll leave him scurrying across the surface at 90mph and safely say That wraps up November and led us nicely into December….