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St Gothian Sands Nature Reserve

March 23rd, 2009 by admin

Reserved for What thats the question? ruddy dog walkers!! why do they insist on walking right round the lakes instead of moving over onto the sand dunes especially when they see photographers or watchers pointing scopes and large lenses, its like an incessant desire to walk right in front of the area you’re shooting.. personally I’d like to take up another kind of shooting with a high powered rifle on some of them.. the owners that is not the dogs. I was going to call them handlers but as most seem unable to handle their dogs without shrieking at the tops of their voices threateningly at them for chasing mallards to no avail, I figured Owners was better.
ANYHOW, my pet hate aside on to better things and this glorious sunshine we’ve been having has flattened the surf and left Bob and I free to scout around the pools and see whats about.. (By the way Bob is becoming quite the avid birder these days and now has his own blog so check it out at http://bobsharplesphotography.blogspot.com/ )

Bob announced he’d lost a screw, and after I realised he didn’t mean his Girlfriend had b**&red off I held watch on the camera’s while he ran off to the van to see if he could find it.

The skylarks were singing Merrily, though one sand a bit too sweetly and caught the attention of a Greater Black Backed Gull that almost snatched it out of the sky.. after a bit of a chase he gave up and continued on leaving the skylark nervously singing high in the sky..

Nervous Skylark after his ordeal
Nervous Skylark after his ordeal

 Nothing extremely out of the ordinary around the pools today though, plenty of Pipits, wagtails, Mallards etc having their usual frollicks at this time of year…

Mallard Chase
Mallard Chase

Meanwhile I spotted this Meadow Pipit, which reminded me for some reason of Amnesty international, gues its the symbol of the serenity of freedom broken by the barbed wire of  Oppression (or in this case Protection)…. I had a mispent Youth :)

There was also a couple of males and definately one female wheatears flitting about in glorious plumage..

We spent an amusing 10 minutes trying to photograph the sand martins which in my opinion is a bit like trying to photograph a bat, another species I’ve been unsuccessful with as yet, anyhow here’s my attempt!

Well that about wraps up yesterdays pics from Godrevy/Gwithian, so I’ll finish up with this charming little Dunnock I’d spotted earlier who came out for a spot of evening sun..

See y’all soon

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