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Hells Mouth to Tehiddy

March 24th, 2009 by admin

A bit too windy to be on the shore today so we decided to head over to tehiddy and see what was about around the lakes..
I decided on the way to stop off at Hells Mouth and take a quick look over to see the Cormorants Nesting, not always easy for me as I suffer terribly from Vertigo but hey sometimes ya have to face em lol…. Here’s the Cormorants!

Bob decided to get a bit closer to get the money shots lol, problem with Vertigo is its not just the wobble ya get when you’re looking down, its the bigger wobble ya get when someone else is too close to the edge.. a wierd and wonderful world is vertigo.. I had to get my back against the bank to take this….

Needless to say he got some great shots, sometimes as i say ya have to let them have it :) and enjoy what ya got

Well on to tehiddy… was it worth it?? well it was for leanne who got some great shots of the Jays while Bob and iI were still squinting to try and see where they were.. Mind you I got the Buzzard and that was worth the wait..

being closely watched by Jackdaws

being closely watched by Jackdaws



Having reviewed these I retract my earlier statemen, yes it definately was worth the trip even facing Wayne & Waynetta who wanted to know if I was looking for squirrels cos they’d just seen one was worth it..

Well that was that as the skies clouded over and we lost light in the woods we headed for the van and a nice cuppa before stopping off at mazza on the way home and regardless of the shite pics due to poor light Gale force cross shore winds and BLOODY DOG WALKERS.. I witnessed the strangest thing which I’ll show in the next post as it needs a post of its own so stay tuned!!!!!

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