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Plenty to Crow about – Tehiddy to Maz via Gwithian

March 27th, 2009 by admin

Hospital appointments.. well at least they drag me out and about, so after seeing my Spesh we headed off to meet up with Bob who was already at Tehiddy in search of Jays..
One thing about tehiddy, there’s always something to photograph, and as usual we were greeted in the car park by the calls and commotions of the crows nesting and claiming territory..

Bob and I set off to our selected spot leaving leanne to brew some tea for lunch :), we stopped briefly for Bob to grab a few shots of the squirrels playing and scavenging for food.. Meanwhile I spotted a couple of great Tits and a chiff chaff in the wooded area beyond the lake.. bob went off to find the Jays.


 I was then distracted by a nosey Squirrel who wanted to know what I was up to pointing this thing up at His tree…

  I crept past where Bob was set up and left him in peace to find his Jays and wandered down the bottom by the stream and came upon one hell of a commotion.. I was a little unprepared for what I saw next.. live pornography in Tehiddy woods lol I suppose this is what they call a duckdoo the mallards were going for it big time..  The stars of the show agreed to pose for me first..


And then the Gang Bang commenced in Earnest :)

 Well enough of the excitement for me I decided to walk back up to the lake and get a few shots of the grebes, as I walked up the path a Jay decided to descend and park itself on a branch right in front of me.. I looked around to see bob trying to get across the woods to where I was to shoot it.. well I thought I’d best at least get a shot just in case..

 Truth is I shot about 10 shots and as Bob arrived to set up his camera, the Jay Flew off into the woods.. but at Least Bob had managed to get a nice shot of one through the trees so he was happy :)

Up past the lake and a couple of shots of a Little Grebe but no luck with his fishing today, and then back to the noisy car park and the Crows.

 Well that kinda wrapped up for Tehiddy.. we left and headed home via Gothian sands for a quick look but it was really windswept.. just a raven enjoying something and a couple of jackdaws along with the usual pipits mallards and shell ducks..

 Final Call at marazion on the way through to Paul, just a snipe and Gadwall so we called  it a day and went home for tea..

not a bad days shoot to say we were at treliske at 1-30pm :)


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