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Hayle and Rain

March 28th, 2009 by admin

Couldn’t think of a better way of putting it today, manky mizzely day with a few bright periods but Frikkin Cold again.. roll on next weeks high pressure spells again.

Due to the rain we headed for The memorial Hide at hayle and found .. bugger all (now there’s a surprise).. one Mute swan and 2 herring gulls on the main pool at ryans field and a couple of Mallard on the back pool  1 albino (domestic) and then the swan took off and buggered off across the Saltings and up the estuary…

Albino Mallard or Domestic?

Albino Mallard or Domestic?

Crossed over the road to have a look for the cattle egrets but again Bugger all, well a pair of Teal a redshank wrestling something and lots of blackheads black backs and herring gulls

Back to the van and off for a ride up the saltings in search of the elusive cattle egrets (which have probably moved on by now.. all we saw were a few small egrets


A Herring Landed nearby after diving for a small crab which made a nice couple of images

A couple of obliging Cormorants took the trip down the saltings affording us a few nice shots as the tide rolled in.. its a really nice setting to watch the tide from, kinda reminds me a lot of Old Otis Reddings dock of the bay (without the ships lol)

That more or less wrapped it up for me.. I was getting a lot of pain in my hands with the ruddy arthritis so decided to head over for our usual stopoff at Mazza and Newlyn on our way home..

The usual Herons swans and rabbits on the marsh and Bob mailed me later to say he’d found the barn swallow that some had reported seeing, meanwhile I was looking over at the sunshine from Penzance harbour and the one remaining sandwich tern..

Thats it for today folks, all in all not a bad day for the weather conditions.. hope you enjoyed a few of the pics..




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