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Whitethroats & meadow pipits

July 13th, 2009 by admin

Well its been a while since I updated the blog and my apologies to those who enjoy reading it, been so busy throughout April May & June that I simply didn’t have the time and it took all my resources to keep the galleries updated… but with a bit of luck we’re back on track and here’s the first entry for a while from a stop off at Sancreed in the rain.

I wandered into the field and literally 4 yards from the van was confronted by this whitethroat issuing me with a scratchy warning call to let me know I was just getting too close to the nest for comfort..

I moved further up the field and the whitethroat carried on with the task of feeding the chicks and gave me the opportunity for a few more nice shots..

Next was a little wren sitting singing on top of the ferns in the relentless rain

and then from nowhere came the shrill song of the whitethroat, turning round he’d popped up out of the bush to say hello.. all this in the space of 10 minutes as well as the swallows and swifts flying all around..

 I wandered up to the top of the field all the time being surrounded by birds flitting backward and forward and three were constantly chasing each other in and out of bushes and finally it stopped raining long enough for them to settle and I was able to grab some pictures of what turned out to be Meadow pipits..

slowly back to the van to be once again confronted by a very wary lesser whitethroat and the rain started again so we headed off home.. not bad for a 20minute stop off though.

Thanks again to Paul at Cornwall Birding for the help in ID’ing the birds.

see ya soon

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