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Freezing Fieldfares and Redwings

January 8th, 2010 by admin

Gripped in Blizzards and Ice is not something I moved to Cornwall to Endure :) I know its all very pleasant for the kids and yes it does make a good Photo but when I can’t get my van off the street to get up to Treliske for my Chemo then things are getting purty damn tricky..

I spent 3 hours clearing the road tonight so I might have a chance to get out tomorrow, used all the rocksalt I had and sat down for a cuppa only to look out the window and see heavy snow falling yet again and covering fast all that I’d done.. then I find that the hospitals have Norovirus outbreaks and they want me with no immune system to go up there at 6am in freezing conditions.. well guess what.. No Way José I’m staying put with my Garden full of Birds including the recent influx of Fieldfares and redwings.

As I couldn’t get the van out yesterday I took a walk over the field by the side of the house to take a few shots of the snow..
The first encounter was a redwing sitting on the lawn and by the stream at the bottom of the garden a Fieldfare was hopping about.. as I got to the field gate it was obvious why as there were hundreds feeding in the field..

Fieldfare foraging for food in a snowy field

A little further up were hundreds of redwings also feeding


Beautiful Redwing in the afternoon Sun

They were skittish to say the least so I was quite pleased to have got the shots I did but little chance to get them in flight.

We walked over to Quarry Field and walked the road up alongside of the hill, more fieldfares were along the roadside and in the trees lining the hill..

A solitary Fieldfare watches on as we walked up the lane

Once we’d climbed to the top of the field the view was wonderful over Penzance, snowy fields crowned the town and glowed in the afternoon winter sun. We could even see the snow falling in Bands across Helston Camborne and Redruth and an opbvious massive snowstorm flowing over the mount and marazion.

view over Penzance

Snow falling in the distance

and in no time at all closer to home in Mounts Bay

We set off to walk across the field ready to start the descent down the hill, which is no mean feat to most but those knowing my condition, and given the fact that I should have been in for chemotherapy today to help with the flare up, I was pretty damn pleased I’d managed as much as I did.
Looking back afforded me the opportunity to grab a rare opportunity of snapping Leanne as she sat on the remains of one of the children’s snowmen being blinded by the low sun but nontheless I loved the shot especiually the vista behind.

A rare chance to catch Leanne resting on a snowman with Penzance and Mounts bay in the background

The views are pretty spectacular from the top of the hill which we normally only look at out of the window of the bungalow, so it made such a change to be looking back for a change.

Road into the vllage.. looking clearer now

Snowstorm approaching over mounts bay

looking across to the village.. my bungalow is the one right in the middle of the shot on the hill

At the foot of the hill there's lots of these little wildlife corners but today just a nice snowy scene.

All except this one little fellow throwing the snow about looking for grubs and insects

Another Redwing at the foot of the hill rummaging in the snow

Well it started snowing again so it was time to head back across the field towards home in case it got heavy again (which it eventually did after I’d cleared the road)…
A quick shot across the field looking towards the bungalow… if you squint a bit you can just see the splashbus stuck in the snow outside the house on the right about a third up.. the problem is the river runs at the end of the road right in front of us so if it slides on the ice and doesn’t make the corner it’ll be definately a SPLASH Bus lol..

Looking to Trungle Parc

There was snowman building going on in the cricket field at Paul Cricket Club which made a nice end to the blog and a final look back at the hill from our usual viewpoint and a chance to see where we’d walked on this sunny but Freezing cold winters afternoon…

Snowmen in the field of Paul Cricket club

And Finally:

The hill from the edge of the field.. our view from the bungalow end window

Well thats the blog for today… hope you enjoyed the walk with us, your comments are always welcomed.. but please lets keep it nice :)

Enjoy the snow!

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