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The Freeze Continues

January 9th, 2010 by admin

Well at Least we managed to dig the van out today and get out of the village for a while, though the roads were pretty damned icy in places.
We drove steadily to Marazion to find most of the marsh was frozen over. So much so that almost all the wildfowl were gathered by the outflow on longrock pool where the water was moving slightly and managing to keep it from freezing.

The shovelers have now found each other with the male coming over from drift and they had joined the mallards and teal on longrock pool.

The shovelers keeping the ice from freezing while a female mallard walks about on the ice

The pair finally back together

This little grebe was feeding okay and kept popping up with another little fish..

Little grebe with a tasty morsel

Its these young fellows that are at greatest risk in these frozen times as their food is trapped under the ice and they are in serious trouble from starvation.. this young chap came right up the bank to the roadside to us where Leanne gave him some bread and threw som more onto the ice for any of the other fowl that was hungry.. its always worth remembering to feed the birds at this time of year but also remember if you do start feeding them at your home KEEP ON FEEDING THEM otherwise they’ll travel to your feeders only to find them empty and will have wasted all their body fat getting there.

these young cygnets are at most risk of starvation in the cold weather

something caught my eye over on the cut reeds hopping about with bright yellowy green flashes here and there.. I finally pinpointed it with the camera and after following him around for a while managed to grab at least one unblurred image of him.. fairly sure its a chiff chaff who’s colours were really bright in the cold afternoon sun.. he didn’t stay still very long which made shooting him on the dark reed stalks quite a task :)

Chiffchaff among the reed stalks

searching for food among the reed stalks

We drove up to the marsh and found this blackbird ferreting in a hole for food.. after a good 10 minutes of digging around he finally pulled out a worm which made his effort a little worthwhile at least.. watching things like this really makes you understand the struggle they have in this cold icy weather..

Blackbird digging for food

one tiny worm later he's off to find another hole to dig in

I swet off across the frozen ground towards the marsh with redwings and fieldfares with the odd starling mixed in flitting about all over the field… I maged to lock on to one in the shrubs who watched my approach with caution.

Redwing cautiously watching my approach

slowly i maged to get round the outside of him to be able to see the red underwings which gives them their name

This chap ignored the signs and braved the cold to climb over the wall and feed the ducks and swans on the ice.. personally I think he was doing the right thing as strangely enough the sign putter uppers the Royal society for the PROTECTION of birds were nowhere to be seen all afternoon. Well done my friend!!

Feeding the ducks and swans

The sight over the marsh and a common one across the country

sadly this is what we’re seeing so much with this weather.. the sad thing is this will be the way it ends for a lot of these young swans who are unable to get through the ice for food.

Fieldfare in the sun

Fieldfare’s, another sign of the snow and cold weather, were in abundance around the marsh and surrounding fields.

Another sight to be seen most of the afternoon was the regular circling of ALL the waterfowl from Longrock pool trying to find somewhere on the marsh that may have thawed enough for them to land and feed..

Circling round and round looking for water not ice

Well I’m going to attempt another trip out today and see if we can get anywhere.. at least the snow held off yesterday evening so we’ll hopefully catch up soon


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