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Still Freezing, Still Starving

January 10th, 2010 by admin

Sadly this cold weather claimed another of our birds.. I tried desperately to save a lapwing which we found starving and frozen..

I took it home and kept it warm and tried to get it to feed but sadly it gave up the fight..and as always we just sit back and wonder if there’s any more we could have done..
I bought 6 bags of apples and another sack of wild bird seed today after watching Fieldfare and redwings struggling everywhere and anywhere to find food.. they were even digging the moss up between paving in the hope of finding some bugs grubs or worms.
Thankfully the sparrows chaffinch dunnocks robins thrush blue tits great tits, coal tits and the doves and blackbirds are doing okay from our feeders which we fill at least once daily.. we’ve even seen wrens and redwings in the garden today

Down at the Marsh its a different story.. hundreds of Redwings Fieldfare and song thrush are searching everywhere to find food.. the ducks and shovelers making regular round robin trips looking for holes in the ice and graceful skating swans who seem to be an awful lot thinner than htey were last week.. not a lot of big stuff flying about, I suppose due to the cold and lack of energy though I did see the bittern twice again in the same spot..

The water Rail put in a few appearances through the day but always behind the bramble making a good shot difficult, that is apart from when I wasn’t at the camera and it walked feet in front of me across to the bramble and disappeared again. Its getting like the Bittern which pops up and gives you a chance to get to the viewfinder but by the time the HSM on the lens focus’s its gone again.

The only good thing if there could be such a thing in this freezing weather is that for us as photographers the Birds are more intent on finding food than worrying where we are which does help us to get a few nice close images.

Pipit looking for water


This Swan tried to get across the ice to where I was, probably hoping I had some food for it, but eventually gave up after looking like heather mills dancing on ice.

He finally turned tail and took off in search of water to feed on…

A Little blurred but I couldn’t resist adding this shot in light of the above statement..

And that was the theme for the whole afternoon down at marazion… more redwings more ice more hunger and nothing spectacular to photograph other than their plight. Please remember to feed the Birds where you can

Later Folks

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