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Chemo Day

January 12th, 2010 by admin

Well thanks to the big freeze I was late up to Treliske for a 5.5 hr infusion of Chemotherapy which basically meant that although technically its the best time for me straight after while the steroids are in full swing there was barely enough light to shoot anything at all today when I got out.. To be honest I was so annoyed because I was already so late as I drove through Penzance early morning The bay looked phenomenal and for a brief moment I thought the sea was frozen.. There was a beautiful light and a mist hanging low over the ocean with the mount rising from it all lit by a very low morning sun. but my camera was packed away to go to the hospital and i just didn’t have the time to shoot what could have been one of the best landscapes/seascape I’ve seen in Months.  Ah well we’ll post that one in with the Bittern Flyby at Marazion yesterday too that Bob captured Once Again.

So I decided what I’d do just to keep the blog rolling is a quick re-cap of my pics of the day for January so far, so if you’ve seen all these and are already bored I’ll see you tomorrow for some High wind shots no doubt lol.  for the rest here ya go!

Flyby from a Northern Shoveler duck male

Drift was the place for me in the first couple of days of the month, basically because its quiet even when the tourists swamp all the other beauty spots :) so there we were on the 1st to see the Shovelers but didn’t quite get the snowgoose that was up in the field on the other side, so I went back the next day and sure enough there he was being very obliging.. I suspect that he’s some sort of a hybrid though apparently it was confirmed it was in fact a Blue Morph Snowgoose, anyhow he was lovely so here’s the shot

Mostly the same around on the 3rd so I took the opportunity to grab this Stonechat who was busying himself feeding from the end of some broken bramble..

I just loved this shot of the greylag gaggling away in flight there almost like he was doing the bullerubllerbul at the canada’s as he flew over them.. or maybe it was at me lol

The fifth brought a better opportunity to shoot the male Shoveler down at marazion on the marsh.. it was quieter now as most of the visitors had left. (Thankfully sigh)

The influx of redwings started to grow as the weather further up the country worsened and we’ve probably seen the most redwings and fieldfares in these parts for  a long long time, here’s one in the field by the marsh.

And the theme was to be much the same.. more and more arrived and soon they were struggling as the cold snap hit us down here and for the first time in years I was forced to stay in the village due to bad weather.. basically we were snowed in, so I took a walk across the fields behing the bungalow which was full of Redwings and fieldfare..

Fieldfare searching amongst the snow for food.. this was to become even worse and I fear we lost a lot of birds over the next few days to the cold and hunger.

The 8th of january and the day I should have been having Chemo but again we couldn’t get the van out and due to the length of time of the infusions it was too late by the time we’d cleared the road.. so we headed to Marazion and i stopped by longrock pool to shoot this..I saw such a comical thing in it.. you can almost hear the mallard taunting the cygnet for being to fat to walk on the ice.. thankfully though there was clear water for them to feed in a small area.

A nice clear shot of a redwing on the bramble in the bottom field by the marsh

and so onto the 10th of January and back down marazion again.. the weather being so bad it was safer and easier to stay on the well used roads.. Another sight that was plentifold with the cold was the song thrush, I’ve seen more of these this week in my garden than ever before along with Dunnocks all the tit family chaffinch robin greenfinch wren blackbird and now redwings and the odd fieldfare to name but a few.. but down here on the marsh they were plentiful also..
Song thrush in the warming sun

and so that brings us back to the start of today as I usually finish my blog off on the morning before I go out to see what the day will bring.. so to finish up here’s a couple that I hadn’t shown..

I spotted this chap basking in the morning sun as I drove through Chyenal to Drift earlier in the month  he was very wary when i got out of the van and I only managed to grab a couple of shots before he turned and High tailed it over the hedge.

and finally the Med Gulls basking on the fence on the dam wall at Drift..

well I hope you enjoyed the recap of the month so far. I certainly did.. its not often I look back over what the month has brought and maybe if you liked it I’ll do it again  at the end of the month from here :)

Enjoy your day in the High winds.. I may be called off to work for a change with the windsurfers but there’s always a nature or wildlife shot to be had so I’ll drop in with what I have..


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