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Artist!...perhaps, Photographer! thats my Father, he's the one I've learned from and watched since I was tiny taking photographs of everything and anything in his love for photography.
Oh I spent many a happy hour with him in his Darkroom bringing to life the images he'd seen and captured through his Lens, but its taken me nearly 40 years and an incapacitating Illness to bring it to the front in my work.
I shall be eternally grateful to my Father for the knowledge which somehow rubbed off on me over the years and has given me the insight to create these images, and spark an inspiration to a Fading artist.
I suppose it was somehow always there, I won my first SLR camera with a photograph I took with a Box Brownie when I was 7 years old. The photograph was of two May Queens and a famous radio DJ, I titled the image using my other great Love of Arthurian Mystery, The Once and Future Queen. Kodak used the image, I think for its celebrity status rather than its artistic quality but nontheless it won me my first real camera.

I see Photography as another medium, and my love of art in every form has led me to experiment with many mediums over the years, and my love of photography has always been there at the forefront.
The beauty & wonders of Nature, The fascination of People and of the World in general is captured every day in our eyes, and I try to transfer some of these images via my lens to you.

Having an eye for Beauty, beauty which sometimes may lay hidden, obscured by other things, has brought me many inspiring moments. From the unfolding of a fern shoot in secluded forest, to the amazing qualities of Fungus growing on decomposing tree's breathing life into Death.
As Wordsworth himself said, in many ways, ' There is more inspiration, more spirituality gained from a walk in a vernal wood at dawn or dusk than anywhere else on God's Earth.
For me, living and working amongst these wonders of Nature brings alive an inspiration that has long lain at rest.
Whether that be in Wordsworth's Vernal Wood, or on a Stark Mountainside, amongst the rocks and Crags of a coastline or frolicking in pools and oceans, whether it be the Light of the human form emerging from the depths of Darkness in a dimly lit studio, or the silouhette of children against the bright sunlight.. it is my inspiration, and has become My work.

I hope you find the work both inspiring and enjoyable, and find pleasure in the way I marry my Photographic work with my Love of nature and my artistic eye, and return many times to my Galleries.




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