Harbour Lights

Less Publicised than its Neighbour, but in many ways more meaningful serene and if anything more full of feeling are the Lights at Newlyn Harbour..

I’d been reading some things on White Balance and realised that these twinkling Lights that we’ve often tried to photograph and never really got the true feeling into the shots, were actually Tungsten – Incandescant, and as such maybe the same white balance setting as for Tungsten Lamps in the studio might just enhance them.. well worth a try at Least.

I called in at Newlyn Tonight and took a walk around the harbour, if you haven’t done that at Dusk as the harbour starts to sleep from the days Bustle, then I can heartily recommend it.. to be honest by the time I got back to the van I cared little as to whether the shots were good or not. there’s a beautiful tranquil feeling dwells in the harbour at night and I suppose in many ways its like the mothers arms caring holding protecting and keeping safe all those who rest in there.

So all in all I was pleased to see on my return home and offloading the Raw images that Yes they were much more sparkly, more alive and the reflections too jumped out of the water at you, the only problem was… Next time I’ll use a tripod lol.. 20th/sec at 800 ISO.. not easyto avoid camera shake.. still there’s a couple of the better ones here for you.. make your own judgement…

Harbour Lights 2

Harbour Lights 2