Longrock to Newlyn and windswept

Another day of Sandblasting and windswept beaches led me, after shooting windsurfers out at Longrock, to seek shelter in the Harbour at Newlyn out of the wind for the last couple of hours of light..
The wind was once again battering along the coast, so much so that even the jackdaws sought shelter behind the rocks and Med gulls walked sloping into the wind..
sheltering from the wind

sheltering from the wind

slanted seabirds or windswept med gull

slanted seabirds or windswept med gull

Finally arriving at the Harbour and out of the wind it was nice to enjoy a relaxing walk around.. Myghal was unloading at the fish market and became my first shot in the harbour..
Myghal Newlyn

Myghal Newlyn

Around the end and up the pier where I encountered a lone Pipit staring out to sea.. probably thinking the same as me.. I’m staying put till the wind drops a bit :)
Rock pipit on the harbour wall

Rock Pipit on the Harbour wall

Of course walking up the far side of the Harbour you can’t help but be impressed at the trawlers with their beams looming into the skies backed by a setting sun.. in fact everything seems to reach skyward at this side of the harbour..

its always funny how when something catches your eye you suddenly awaken to lots of other things in similar settings.. the skyward reaching beams of the trawlers as I looked from the end of the pier looked like a massive statement of victory all lined up.. ominous perhaps?


Looking across the bay the waves and wind werestill battering the walls along the seafront in penzance


and the light was dropping with the setting sun so I headed back to the van.. as I walked round the bottom I heard.. over here.. over here point the camera over here.. probably for the first time in my life I was on the receiving end of some scaffolders banter.. well it seemed rude not to so I pointed the camera..

Erection Technicians :)

and finally around by the fish market and a final shot in the soft fading light of our old friend the great northern diver who was happily fishing in the shallows

The Great Northern Diver

The Great Northern Diver

Thats it for now folks.. your comments as always are welcomed.. but keep it nice :)

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