The Royal Duchy & Oliver Cromwell

Those were the two engines that steamed into Penzance this afternoon… Damn I Love Steam I always did and again (Thanks to Leanne & Dennis) I found out at 14-10pm that they would be arriving at 14-30pm so I managed to get to a spot in time to shoot them as they passed..

The Royal Duchy followed by Oliver Cromwell

There’s just something about the feel of a massive piece of genius engineering like this coming thundering down a track towards you that is indescribable, and that feeling is heightened all the more when a second engine, The Oliver Cromwell, follows on..
The unfortunate thing is there’s not an awful lot of time to set up and make the shot before its passed and steaming away from you.

The Royal Duchy thundering towards me

and there she was gone :)

Steaming Past on her way to Penzance

Penzance Bound

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