Moods in Monochrome

Felt like a bit of a change from the ordinary so after much research into the techniques of the masters like Ansell Adams it was time to load the amber filters into the kood hood and head off on a walkabout..
I’d come to love the mastery of tone and contrast shown in images like ‘Lake tenaya’ and ‘Jeffreys Pine’ and wanted to see what I could produce locally usi8ng subjects closer to home..

St Erth Church offered me the first opportunity, basically it was a perfect subject in Bright sunshine (a rarity these days reflecting off the harsh granite surrounded by the stark trees Leafless in the early spring. I loved the softness of the sky in this image and the way the vapour trails from some airbus scarred their way across it.. there was so much texture to play with in this image and here’s the result for your own conclusions.

St Erth Village Church using Ansell's Techniques of contrast
St Erth Village Church

Next it was back home that I spotted a good opportunity, the wind was howling and there was a lone Kitesurfer on the beach.. again the sun was bleaching the skies and sand and there was something naturally Ansell about this image so again I loaded the filters, switched to B&W and took my chances..

Its Kind of impossible to be on the beach there and not take a shot of probably the most photographed spot in the area, St Michaels Mount.. so naturally being rigged for Monochrome shooting I took the opportunity..

Whilst reviewing the shot a couple walked up the beach and I spotted this opportunity and it (for me) brought the image to life.. these are the opportunities many of us miss in todays Big Brother Style environment where every photographer is looked at suspiciously…

 Turning round I spotted the bridge and thought I’d try a close up shot in Monochrome

Well that almost draws this post to a close, though I’ve no doubts at all I’ll be back to this as there’s so much more to learn and explore in the world of Monochrome, but the mood needs to be right :).. here’s my final shot from this sequence, Hells mouth farm, or more to the point the wonderful Scots Pine(I think) Jinned by nature giving perfect contrast to the landscape.. Hope you enjoyed my little experiment.. I certainly did.

Cheers – Mel